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We source our calcium from Icelandic red algae and then combine it with fermented vitamin D and vitamin K to form our Calcium Plus. Your bones will thank you.

3 tablets per day + $12 /mo

Doctors agree that calcium is essential for important bodily functions like maintaining strong bones and muscle movement. Some people don't get the necessary levels of calcium from their diets, especially vegans and people who are lactose intolerant, and the ability for the body to absorb calcium decreases with age. If you may be getting less than the daily recommended amount, it's important to get your levels up.

Caffeine appears to lower calcium in the body, so if you consume high amounts of caffeine, you may want to consider calcium supplementation.

Number of studies

Double-blind placebo

Years of studies


Excessive alcohol consumption inhibits calcium absorption and has been shown to obstruct the production of vitamin D, which is needed for calcium absorption. People who drink alcohol daily should consider calcium supplementation.


Studies have shown that smoking is harmful to your bones. If you are a smoker, it is important to get enough calcium and vitamin D through diet or supplementation.

Getting adequate calcium throughout life as part of a well-balanced diet may reduce the risk of osteoporosis. Experts from a foundation for bone health recommend 1,200mg of calcium and 800 – 1,000 IU of Vitamin D per day.


Our calcium is sustainably derived from mineral-rich red algae harvested off the northwest coast of Iceland. While most calcium supplements are from limestone, our unique marine source has the benefit of providing the seawater’s natural multi-mineral complex, surrounding the calcium with magnesium and over seventy trace minerals.

Vitamin D and vitamin K are combined with Icelandic minerals to make our Calcium Plus. These vitamins are added to aid the body’s absorption of calcium. Our Calcium Plus supplement is crafted with bone health in mind. All materials are tested in the United States, where the product is made into tablets.

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Posted on Wednesday, February 1, 2017 3:00 PM

by girls nike free run sale

In many integration projects, the importance of idempotent receivers is overlooked. This blog post summarizes what idempotent receivers are, why we need them and how we can achieve it.

Let's first have a closer look at the definition of idempotence, according to air jordan 10 size 15
. " Idempotence is the property of certain operations in mathematics and computer science, that can be applied multiple times without changing the result beyond the initial application. " The meaning of this definition is explained as: " a function is idempotent if, whenever it is applied twice to any value, it gives the same result as if it were applied once; i.e., ƒ(ƒ(x)) ≡ ƒ(x) ".

If we apply this on integration, it means that a system is idempotent when it can process a specific message multiple times, while still retaining the same end-result. As a real-life example, an ERP system is idempotent if only one sales order is created, even if the CreateSalesOrder command message was submitted multiple times by the integration layer.

Often, customers request the integration layer to perform duplicate detection, so the receiving systems should not be idempotent. This statement is only partially true. Duplicate detection on the middleware layer can discard messages that are received more than once. However, even in case a message is only received once by the middleware, it may still end-up multiple times in the receiving system. Below you can find two examples of such edge cases.

Nowadays, integration leverages more and more the power of API's. API's are built on top of the HTTP protocol, which can cause issues due to its nature. Let's consider the following situations:

In this case, all is fine. The service processed the request successfully and the client is aware of this.

Here there is also no problem. The service failed processing the request and the client knows about it. The client will retry. Eventually the service will only process the message once.

This is a dangerous situation in which client and service are misaligned on the status. The service successfully processed the message, however the HTTP 200 response never reached the client. The client times out and will retry. In this case the message is processed twice by the server, so idempotence might be needed.

quality of life

When we are conscious of our attitudes towards the self, we can make an effort to eliminate negative thoughts. When we become more aware of ourselves, we are able to be mindful of surrounding ourselves with positive things.

The more you practice the more you notice what aspects of your life are most important to you as well as things that may be impeding on your happiness .


Additionally, daily affirmations help keep you in consistently positive mood. air jordan 4 new releases
people tend to be healthier, more productive, and generally happier than those who view themselves less positively. One study shows that after 4-weeks of repeated self-affirmation activity, participants experienced an increase in their mental nike air max 1 release date 2016 toyota
(Nelson, Fuller, Choi, Lyubomirsky, 2014).

Optimistic well-being

Daily affirmations allow us to have a clearer perspective on the obstacles in our life. In other words, people who practice daily affirmations don’t sweat the small stuff because they have a better grasp on what is important in their life. They are able to think about the big picture and not get overwhelmed with minor nuisances.

Positivity is contagious. By practicing positive affirmations, you are indirectly benefiting others as well. Your positive attitude will carry on to other people and in turn make them feel better.

Daily affirmations can be a difficult thing to do. Especially if you are someone who has struggled with self-compassion before, saying something nice about yourself is not always the easiest. To begin, we need to identify some of the properties of good affirmations.


Most importantly, an affirmation needs to be stated in the present and be positive. For example, “I expect to be successful”, would be one such affirmation. Notice that is written in the present; it does not say “I will be successful.”

An affirmation should be immediately gratifying for it to be effective. Also, it needs to be positive as well as unconditional. Saying something like “I will be successful after I get promoted” implies that a condition must be met in order for you to benefit. These kinds of affirmations can be more problematic than they are helpful.

“Andrea Clearfield is to be thanked for daring to “disturb the universe.” – Victor Schermer in “All About Jazz”

“All About Jazz”

“I believe that we connect through the global language of arts.” – Andrea Clearfield

Winner 2006 Citypaper Choice Awards: Most Creative Way to Spend a Sunday

“For 20 years, contemporary classical pianist-composer Andrea Clearfield has hosted performance salons that throw open the door to artistic possibility. Her gatherings for musicians, composers, poets, dancers and choreographers are not only vibrant recitals, they’re critical sessions for sound explorers, archivists and adventurers tuned into a different cosmic station.”

Watch the TV spot on the Salon on WHYY: WHYY Experience

“Andrea Clearfield’s home-based Salon has been creating community through music for 20 years. This monthly performance and concert series started with friends invited by the musician/composer host and then expanded to a free email subscription service. Clearfield organizes the evening to achieve a warm, engaging concert experience featuring original compositions, jazz, electronic, improvisation, folk, experimental, poetry, dance, world music, and time-honored classical chamber music and opera. As to the performers, Clearfield says, ‘People want to come to a place where they can be really free to express themselves from the heart’.

Watch some Salon performances: Perseverence Jazz Band Jocelyn E. Isaac, dancer Nu Directions Chamber Brass womens air jordans 2017 lowers lG2oIPodRi
air jordan 11 information security
Sonata for Cello and Piano, Andrew Rudin, composer

Read in the Jerusalem Report “Center City Salonista” by Matt Nesvisky, October 3, 2006

Read in the Philadelphia City Paper Artists in Residence: You never know what you’ll hear in Andrea Clearfield’s living room. By Scott Robinson, October 15, 1998

Salon poster created by Joel Metzger

25 Year Salon Poster created by Antonia Cianfrani

Antonia Cianfrani

25 Year Salon Poster created by Antonia Cianfrani

25 Year Salon Collage created by John Gross

10 Year Anniversary Salon Poster. Photos by Richard Marcus

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