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Learn about the causes and complications of strep throat infections, rheumatic fever, rheumatic heart disease.

Information for people and family members recently diagnosed or living with RF or RHD

Information about preventing RHD through socioeconomic development, early diagnosis and novel research.

Information for health workers, clinicians and specialists caring for people with RF and RHD.

Information for Governments and policy makers can contribute to control of RF and RHD through programs and policy.

Meet the organisations, countries and country partners working together to end RHD

The major cause of death and disability from RHD is heart failure. Over time, scarred and damaged heart valves make it impossible for the heart to pump blood effectively. Without a well-functioning heart, fluid builds up in the lungs and body, causing symptoms like breathlessness, swelling and fatigue. These symptoms tend to become worse over time without treatment.

A ‘stroke’ occurs when a part of the brain does not receive adequate blood supply.

Strokes can be from clot which blocks a blood vessel (ischemic) or from a burst blood vessel (hemorrhagic). People with RHD are at risk of ischemic stroke because of blood clots which can form in the heart and subsequently block blood flow to parts of the brain.

Some people living with RHD need to take ‘blood thinning’ medication ( nike air max 1 og mesh 99 greys anatomy 2018 season finale
) to reduce the risk of stroke.

Atrial fibrillation (AF) is an abnormal heart rhythm. People with RHD are at risk of AF because heart valve damage changes the shape of the heart and increased the risk of AF. AF tends to make heart failure worse, increasing shortness of breath, and may cause palpitations. AF also significantly increases the risk of stroke.

Infective endocarditis (IE) is a bacterial infection on the valves of the heart. Valves that are already scarred or damaged by RHD are more likely to have IE than undamaged valves.

People with IE have fevers and the heart may be unable to pump blood effectively. It can be difficult to diagnose IE and, even when IE can be diagnosed, antibiotic treatment may be ineffective.

Minimising the risk of IE is an important part of managing RHD. The bacteria that cause IE tend to come from the mouth, so good dental hygiene is an important way to minimize risk. Giving prophylactic antibiotics before dental work and some other procedures is standard in many countries.


Breathe new life into yesterday’s leftover roast veg—make a savory pot de crème. With just a few adaptations to a classic dessert recipe, Seattle pop-up chef team Brothers Co. have transformed leftovers into something truly special. Now this is how we want to get our daily serving of vegetables.

, about 8 yolks

, optional

Before We Begin

How long can I keep these pots de crème in the fridge? They can stay in the refrigerator for up to one week. Frankly, though, we think they’ll disappear long before that.

How long can I keep these pots de crème in the fridge?

How can I play around with the flavor of these pots de crème? Experiment with other leftover roasted veggies you have on hand. We bet a bright purple pot de crème made with roasted beets would be at least as tasty as it is beautiful.

How can I play around with the flavor of these pots de crème?

I’m low-key worried about my mason jar breaking. Does this happen? There is a chance a glass jar will break—but we promise, you’ll be okay if it does. Mason jars can crack when you close them too tightly or use them too many times. Take a second to think: When did you last buy new mason jars? If your jars are older than your middle schooler, consider investing in some new glass. Otherwise, be sure to close them “fingertip tight”—instructions on that below!—and you’ll be good to go. If one breaks, your water will turn murky, but don’t sweat it. Just take that one out and let the others keep on cookin’. Can’t tell which one broke? No big deal there either. Just leave them all in until the cook time is up and figure it out once they’ve had a chance to cool.

I’m low-key worried about my mason jar breaking. Does this happen?

Remember, the water in your pot will get hot enough to cook your food—treat your work surface accordingly! Place a trivet beneath the pot to help protect your countertop, or use whatever precautions you normally would when exposing your counter to a dish, pot, or pan you just removed from the oven or stove.

Heat heavy cream in a saucepan over medium heat until it is almost simmering.

Gently crack one egg and separate the two halves over a bowl. Move the yolk back and forth between the two halves until all of the white has slipped into the bowl. Repeat with the remaining eggs.

You can use the extra whites to make this awesome ten-minute cake .

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During warm-weather months, road construction is common on and around campus. Plan your trip accordingly and allow time for unexpected delays.

Use the directions below for parking at the North Stadium Parking Lot, north of Ross-Ade Stadium. This is the parking lot guests use for most full-day Admissions visit events on weekdays. For these events, Admissions provides shuttle bus service from the parking lot to the event check-in location. If you have registered for a campus visit through the Office of Admissions, you should refer to the parking directions provided in your visit confirmation email for parking information for the specific program you are attending.

Cherry Lane and John Wooden DriveWest Lafayette, Indiana

Parking in the North Stadium lot is free for guests who park there on the morning of Admissions event days. Look for the attendant at the lot entrance to receive a parking pass to display in your windshield.

Take I-65 to State Road 25/Schuyler Avenue toward Lafayette (exit 175).

Follow Schuyler Avenue about 1 mile to Sagamore Parkway North.

Turn right on Sagamore Parkway.

Follow Sagamore about 2 miles to Yeager Road.

Turn left on Yeager Road.

Follow Yeager to the roundabout (about 0.25 miles) and take the second exit onto Northwestern Avenue.

Once on Northwestern, proceed for 0.9 miles to Cherry Lane.

Turn right on Cherry Lane.

The parking lot entrance is the first turn on the left.

Take US 231/52 to N. Martin Jischke Drive.

Turn right on Jischke Drive.

Proceed for about 0.3 miles to the roundabout and take the second exit to continue on Jischke Drive.

Proceed about 0.8 miles to W. Stadium Avenue.

Turn right on Stadium Avenue.

Proceed for about 0.4 miles to Northwestern Avenue.

Turn left on Northwestern.

Proceed about 0.5 miles to Cherry Lane.

Turn left onto Cherry Lane.

Purdue University Office of Admissions, 475 Stadium Mall Dr., West Lafayette, IN 47907, (765) 494-1776, Hearing impaired only: 1-800-743-3333

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