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by Team Stormpath | April 25, 2013 |

Update 5/12/2016 :Watch Stormpath CTO Les Hazlewood’s presentation on REST + JSON API design best practices .

Update 5/12/2016

And don’t forget, Stormpath now secures authentication to your API – without code!

For developers building REST-based APIs, there is a great deal of misinformation and some understandable confusion about when to use HTTP PUT and when to use HTTP POST. Some say POST should be used to create a resource, and PUT to modify one . Others that PUT should be used to create and POST to modify one. Neither is quite right.

Often, developers think of each HTTP method as a 1:1 relationship with CRUD operations:


This can be true, with GET and DELETE specifically, but when it comes to which HTTP methods should be associated with create and update, the answer comes down to idempotency.

Idempotence is an important concept in nike retro air jordan 13 xiii retrograde
that states idempotent HTTP requests will result in the same state on the server no matter how many times that same request is executed. GET , HEAD , PUT , and DELETE all have this attribute, but POST does not.

To help illustrate idempotency, we will use an Account collection ( “/accounts ) and for brevity we will say that each account resource has three properties called givenName , surname , and status .

Let’s say you submit an update request using the HTTP PUT method. In the body, you set givenName a value of “John” and surname a value of “Smith”. Later, you submit another request HTTP PUT request, this time setting givenName to “Johnny”. Is this idempotent? No. Why? Because other requests might have changed the server state of the account resource in between our two requests. For instance, between the two requests, status could have been changed to “blocked.” Our example request cannot guarantee that the state of the account on the server is identical when it is repeated.


Possible account state after our two requests (due to side effects from other requests):

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/ Archive

For Against was a collaboration between Radar and Loughborough University's Dr Gillian Whiteley and Dr Jane Tormey, RadicalAesthetics-RadicalArt (RaRa). It brought together research into the radical traditions of the political pamphlet and contemporary art practice. Collaborating arists and collectives were Ruth Beale, Freee, Ferenc Gróf, Patrick Goddard, Little Riot Press, Ciara Phillips and Rory Pilgrim.

Comprising a two day public event, an exhibition and the production of a new book: Art, Politics and the Pamphleteer (publishedpart of the RadicalAesthetics-RadicalArt RaRa book series with Bloomsbury), For and Against: Art, Politics and the Pamphlet responded to research into the political pamphlet and explored the relevance of the pamphlet for contemporary art practice.

(Photo: Julian Hughes)

Campus Exhibition, open throughout summer, 2017 Martin Gallery Exhibition Space, Loughborough University, LE11 3TUThe exhibition shared elements of the project, including new pamphlets by artists Patrick Goddard, Ferenc Gróf and Rory Pilgrim, commissioned by Radar; a selection of historical pamphlets from the Art of the Pamphlet exhibition; documentation of a series of pamphlet workshops led by artists Freee, Ruth Beale, Ciara Phillips and Little Riot Press and artworks inspired by For Against workshops led by artists Chiara Dellerba and Sarah Green, and writer Alison Mott.

Campus Exhibition, open throughout summer, 2017

The Art of the Pamphlet, open until Saturday 25 June, 2017 Charnwood Museum, Loughborough LE11 3BJCurated by Gillian Whitely this exhibition explored the local, private and public collections of pamphlets, their visual rhetoric, materiality, reproducibility and the ways in which they lend themselves to topicality.

The Art of the Pamphlet, open until Saturday 25 June, 2017

Public Symposium, Friday 26 May, 2017Fearon Hall, Rectory Road, Loughborough LE11 1PLThis event included presentations, performances and rants. Artist-taxi-driver Mark McGowan provided a keynote presentation, with offerings from Ruth Beale, Tim Brennan, Dean Brannagan, Shirley Cameron, Ben Campkin, Chiara Dellerba, Andrea Gibson, Joanne Lee, radical rethink, Rebecca Ross, Miffy Ryan, Evelyn Silver, Jane Tormey, Mo White, Gillian Whiteley and Andrew Wilson.

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