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The Royal Rangers program is an activity-based, small group church ministry for boys and young men in grades K-12. Our mission is to evangelize, equip and empower the next generation of Christlike men and lifelong servant leaders. We provide Christlike character formation and servant leadership development for boys and young men in a highly relational and fun environment.

The Royal Rangers program is a cross-generational ministry that interconnects well with children, youth and adult ministries and fits easily into the fabric of pastoral vision and into the flow of church ministries. We affirm the male hands-on, interactive learning style by featuring an intentional discipleship journey for boys and young men based on their unique design, needs and interests. Every meeting, outing or service activity is designed to encourage boys and young men in their walk with God.

We provide men with the tools to model Christlike manhood as they mentor boys on a Bible-based, Christ-centered, Spirit-empowered journey to maturity in the faith. Boys learn to study and apply what the Bible says about integrity, doctrine, biblical worldview, cultural issues and manhood. In addition, the Royal Rangers ministry molds boys into servant leaders, teaching them vital social, equipping, attitude, leadership and service skills.

The Royal Rangers program at a local church is referred to as an "outpost" and may consist of one or more groups. Each group follows a program of activities based on the interests and abilities of boys in that group. The links below provide details on the advancement system used in each group:

To find a Royal Rangers group in your area use our air jordan retro 11 pink and white release date

The Royal Rangers program is a church-based ministry and is therefore conducted as an intregal ministry of a church. Churches of many denominations and fellowhips actively use Royal Rangers as thier boys mentoring program. For information on starting a Royal Rangers program at your church visit our nike free 5 fa1300c
page. For information concerning our leadership standards, refer to our nike blazer mid vintage suede childrens songs
and our nike free tr iii printed womens cardigan

For additional information or assistance please visit our nike air max 95 solar red 2018 impala

Over the past year the volume of reports we’ve created—both in response to patient questions and our more elaborate proactive research agenda—has been impressive, though largely underused. In many cases, a particular report may only be shared with the one patient who asked for it. In other cases, maybe a dozen patients read it. But this work has largely remained internal. We’ve even created an internal helpdesk to moderate, organize, prioritize, and keep track of our work. (I love sending my requests to an email address that begins with Support@…)

Earlier this year one of my patients expressed his gratitude for the reports we had prepared for him. He suggested we make our work public as part of a subscription service. While we may indeed do this in the future, the other takeaway from his comment was that it was time to re-organize the blog, create a few different types of posts, and most of all, get back to some regularity.

Bob Kaplan, our head analyst, is a really amazing guy, and not just because he’s done more pullups than pretty much any one on earth, though that helps. (At a bodyweight of 185 pounds, Bob did a weighted pullup of 195 pounds [i.e., 195 pounds hanging from a chained waist-belt] … nike air max 2012 total orange/bright blue
.) Bob immediately had three great ideas when we kicked this idea around:

A personal Reviews Nerd Safari

As I get closer to the publication of the book (if I had to guess, Q4 2019), we’ll also start to release some other content related to the book, such as our on-camera interviews with some of the top scientists in the fields related to longevity. Once the book is out, we’ll also publish the “outtakes” (i.e., the stuff the publisher felt was too dense for the book).

And—eventually—what I really hope will come of all this is something that so many of you have been asking of me for years: an online forum where patients and doctors can find each other. Every week I get asked, at least a dozen times, some variant of the following question: “Peter, I live in So-and-so and I really wish I could find a doctor who understands X, Y, Z. Can you point me in the right direction?” 1 X, Y, Z can be anything from ketosis to HRT to nutritional approaches to cancer care to lipidology. I usually don’t have an answer for them but I’m convinced there is a way to play for like-minded doctors and patients to find each other.

Access a collection of research-based, highly active PE lesson plans. Each lesson shows alignment to National Physical Education Standards.

Join us the 3 rd Wed. of each month for an interactive presentation on a timely topic.

Our top trainers from around the world share some simple and effective strategies that you can use in your classroom.

Need $$ for SPARK? This tool will help you find grants specific to your state and area of focus. New grants updated daily!

See how SPARK aligns with national and state content standards.

Our SPARK principals, Dr. Jim Sallis, Dr. Thom McKenzie and Mr. Paul Rosengard, are sharing their thoughts online each week. Join the conversation!

Did you attend a SPARK presentation at a local conference? Access the handouts online.

Learn more about The Carol M. White Physical Education Program (PEP) grants to improve physical education for students in grades K-12.

Sign up to receive interesting articles on our profession, grant info and support, teaching tips, and SPARK news each month.

We are excited about our 2018 SPARK Institutes! This year we are offering a new option, as well as bringing back some favorites. Register by May 12th to save with our Early Registration rate!

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Sportime featuring SPARK is happy to announce the launch of our new Rhythmic Movement Program. This program includes 3 different resources to help teachers integrate rhythmic concepts and activities into their physical education curriculum.

April 25th- Developing Emotional Intelligence in Young Learners

In this webinar, we will explore strategies for promoting social-emotional learning in the early childhood classroom that helps create a culture of emotional intelligence.

The SPARK Grant-Finder Tool is your best resource for locating national and state-specific grants for your Physical Education, After school, Early childhood or Coordinated School Health program. New grants updated daily!

SPARK Grant-Finder Tool

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Funding is available to K-12 schools enrolled in Fuel Up to Play 60. The competitive, nationwide funding program can help your school jumpstart and sustain healthy nutrition and physical activity improvements. Funds can be used for professional development and physical education equipment materials!

by Janet Albers | Updated: 10/25/2017 | Comments: 0

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Is there a topic you would like to learn more about? Let us know. Please be as specific as possible.

Have you ever noticed a message saying that your CRBasic program compiled in PipelineMode or SequentialMode ? What does it mean? And, when does it matter? In this article, we’ll look at these two modes.

PipelineMode SequentialMode

Let’s start with the more straightforward mode: SequentialMode . The CRBasic Editor Help offers this description: “In sequential mode, instructions are executed by the datalogger sequentially as they occur in the program.” In other words, your program runs from top to bottom. You can also think of sequential mode like this, with one instruction being executed after another:

Sequential mode gives you control over the order in which instructions are executed, and it makes your program easy to follow. Sequential mode can be especially useful when you are powering sensors under program control to ensure your sensor is turned on at the correct time.

In sequential mode, each measurement is followed by the processing tasks it requires. In other words, measurements and processing do not occur concurrently. Instead, processing always follows the measurement. Because measurements and processing are carried out in sequential order, there is no buffer for processing.

In the figure below, there are three measurements: A, B, and C. Each measurement needs processing—denoted by PA, PB, and PC, respectively. In this simple example, processing includes applying multipliers and offsets, and performing output calculations. We also see that there is some idle time in the scan, which is denoted by the unlabeled squares.

Click above for a larger image.

I’ll use seconds as the unit of measurement for the scan rate to make the figures easier to understand. (In practice, Campbell Scientific measurements and processing happen much faster.) In the figure above, we could say that the scan rate is 10 seconds.

In the next figure, we have removed the idle time in the scan. In sequential mode, the fastest this set of measurements and processing could run would be a scan rate of six seconds.

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