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Bridges GPU

PSC's Bridges GPU is a uniquely capable resource for empowering new research communities and bringing together HPC and Big Data. Bridges integrates a uniquely flexible, user-focused, data-centric software environment with very large shared memory, a high-performance interconnect, and rich file systems to empower new research communities, bring desktop convenience to HPC and drive complex workflows. Bridges supports new communities through extensive interactivity, gateways, persistent databases and web servers, high productivity programming languages, and virtualization. The software environment is extremely robust, supporting enabling capabilities such as Python, R, and MATLAB on large-memory nodes, genome sequence assembly on nodes with up to 12TB of RAM, machine learning and especially deep learning, Spark and Hadoop, complex workflows, and web architectures to support gateways.

Maverick , TACC's Interactive Visualization and Data Analytics System, will no longer be available to XSEDE users as of April 1, 2018.


Continuing this submission period, access to XSEDE storage resources along with compute resources will need to be requested and justified, both in the XSEDE Resource Allocation System (XRAS) and in the body of the proposal's main document. The following XSEDE sites will be offering allocatable storage facilities, these are:

Storage needs have always been part of allocation requests, however, XSEDE will be enforcing the storage awards in unison with the storage sites. Please vist XSEDE's Storage page for more info.

The Extreme Science and Engineering Discovery Environment (XSEDE) is supported by the National Science Foundation.

For general questions, contact [email protected] | For user assistance, please submit a consulting ticket | ©2011 XSEDE. All Rights Reserved.

We want to hear your feedback about XSEDE! If you have any comments, suggestions, or feature requests, please use the form below to let us know.

If you're looking to learn more about XSEDE, please have a look through our Getting Started Guide or visit our Knowledge Base where many of your questions may have already been answered.

Or, if you're looking for a particular technology to be made available in XSEDE, let us know by adding it to the nike air jordan 1 high strap black white

Rival is an open source Java toolkit for recommender system evaluation. It provides a simple way to create evaluation results comparable across different recommendation frameworks.

Download rival

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Heads up! Downloads are pulled directly from the latest committed code on GitHub, and as a result our docs may at times be out of sync.

Heads up!

For a more stable version of rival, check out the latest release

Github Project Version 0.2

Rival gives you a comprehensive collection of strategies for datasplitting and evaluation. It is easy to use and provides results comparable across recommendation frameworks.

rival is an open source evaluation framework. Create your own evaluation strategies tailored for your recommendations.

rival is configurable. You can select to run the complete evaluation process (inc. datasplitting) through rival or cherry pick the parts you need.

You have everything built up, ready to launch your evaluation!

We will keep updating this project, we will keep adding new evaluation strategies, metrics and other components.

rival is free (as in speech), if you don't like something we've done: fork it, change it, use it anyway you like.

rival makes sure that your evaluation results are comparable to those of other recommender systems. You don't need to publish your algorithm, just state the strategy and metrics you're using.

Check out the rival Java Doc here .

The rival wiki is black and purple nike free run

Short getting started guide available here .

Rival is hosted on nike free virtuous black ukrainian
and open for everyone to contribute.Please give us some feedback and join the development!

You want to help us and participate in the development or the documentation? Just fork rival on GitHub and send us a pull request.

Open a new issue on GitHub. Please search for existing issues first and make sure to include all relevant information.

You used rival while developing your project or writing your paper? We would love to know about it, send us an email or ping us on nike roshe run graphic idea

Email: [email protected]

The California Surf Museum serves as an international repository and resource center on the lifestyle sport of surfing by capturing, preserving, and chronicling its art, culture and heritage for the education and enjoyment of current and future generations.

A Celebration of the Surfboards, Shapers and Surfers Who Ride the World’s Most Famous…

View Event

You can give of your time or your money to support CSM and its mission.

Membership is a great way to support CSM, while enjoying benefits and discounts for you and your family. By supporting CSM you are also preserving surfing’s rich heritage for future generations to enjoy.

501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Since 1986, preserving our surfing culture heritage for current future generations.

California Surf Museum

1 day ago

PLASTIC FANTASTIC hand shaped by Jock Sutherland. Dims: 7’7” x 18” x 3”. @artbrewer cover of @surfer_magazine Board is on display in our new ... nike roshe one hyp ivory/metallic goldblack


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Today, paraffin is still the main surf wax ingredient, along with beeswax, petroleum-based products, rubber or resin, and plastics for temperature control. Ingredients are mixed and heated to 130 degrees, then poured into metal molds.

a few words from Jane Schmauss, CSM Historian Marge Booth Calhoun was born in Hollywood in 1924 and raised in the pristine California that only her generation knew. Open spaces, clean, clear air, wide beaches -all invited daredevil exploration, and Marge sampled it all. Her dad would take her to Venice Beach and put her … Read more »

A key turning point in surfing history was the invention and commercial introduction of the foam/fiberglass surfboard, replacing the earlier boards, which were made of wood. Foam/fiberglass surfboards were much lighter and more maneuverable than wooden boards and were a key factor that increased surfing’s popularity. But who invented the foam surfboard? Many would point … Read more »

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